Cat Snaps!


Voting is the essence of Crittersnaps. To get started, just go to the home page. Choose a rating for the photo shown. Each time you rate a Crittersnaps cutie, the page will reload to show you the next photo.

You may also get specific with your votes. On the home page, use the search selector: animal type, breed and/or gender. You'll limit what you see based on the criteria you choose.

Tip: If you use the search criteria, each selection will reduce the number of animals you see. Selecting Type=goat will show more results than selecting Type=goat AND Breed=cashmere, for example. If no members have uploaded photos for the exact criteria you specify, your search will show no results.

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You can cast your vote any time without joining the Crittersnaps community. But, only registered members can upload photos, which we think is much more fun.

  • First, fill out the registration form. That way we'll know who you are, so we can call you by name instead of "Hey, You!" (Don't worry, we're not into selling your data. Actually the thought of selling names makes our skin crawl.)
  • Step 2 of registering is to activate your account. This gives you time to breathe, and helps us make sure all our members are real people, not bots. (Yes, it happens.) We'll send you an email with a link. You follow the link (click it) ... and voilĂ ! You have access to the rest of the Crittersnaps site.

There is no fee to become a member. However, we do sell credits to post photos. Credits are US $2.50 each and buying them helps us cover the costs of providing data storage facilities and scanning services. Buy 1 credit, upload 1 photo. Pretty simple. The minimum purchase is 2 credits.

Once you've activated your account, you can do so much more than vote.

Add your cuties - You can start adding your cutie's details right away. Be sure to note whether you are interested in meeting others.

Add photos - Most of the fun on Crittersnaps is sharing photos. You can upload digital images or you can send us your photo for scanning.

Check your stats - Keep track of your cutie's popularity in your account services.

Manage your profile (and your cuties' profiles) - You can preview your pictures, change your preferences and update information in the member section.

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Adding animals

Another day, another form. Supply a little bit of info on your cutie to 'anchor' your photo. (Otherwise Josh will forever be known to the Crittersnaps community as Q9455500XLD instead of the sweetheart Palomino that he is.) Then upload the photo (or send it to us for scanning) and the Crittersnaps community can view and vote for your cutie.

Once you've entered general info, you can upload more than one photo of your cutie, if you like. Update his/her profile and, most importantly, keep track of their ranking. Additionally, you can meet other cuties in real life. (After screening them, of course!)

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Buying credits

Buying credits allows you to upload photos of your cuties. Each photo uploaded costs 1 credit, to help us cover the costs of storage. (We don't delete your photos after an arbitrary amount of time.) Each credit costs US $2.50, with a minimum purchase of 2 credits (US $5.00). Each photo mailed to us for scanning is 3 credits (US $7.50). We charge for uploads and scanning services in part to keep Crittersnaps clean and fun.

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Bird Snaps!

Uploading photos

You can upload photos so long as your account has at least 1 credit in it. Each image costs 1 credit to upload. You may upload more than one picture of your cutie, but only one picture may be active.

To fit comfortably in the Crittersnaps frame, your picture must not be taller than [ in/cm/mm/pixels ] and it must not be wider than [ in/cm/mm/pixels ].
Example: 150 pixel by 75 pixel image will look good
Example: 500 pixel by 45 pixel image will be distorted

Additionally, the file must not be larger than 750k.

Format: jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif ....

Presently, we do not accept audio or video for uploading.

Your file will be scanned for viruses as it uploads, so please be patient. Also, we review all pictures before releasing them to the community to ensure that pictures are in good taste. Until we have reviewed your picture, it will remain in Pending status. We usually review and post photos within 24 hours --- and we try to do it within an hour or so.

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Sending photos by post

Crittersnaps will scan and upload your cutie's mug for US $7.50, or 3 credits, for each image you send. You have the option of sending payment along with your media or purchasing credits to your Crittersnaps account. If you send a cheque/check or money order, it must be drawn on a British, U.S. or Australian bank account. If you buy credits, we'll deduct them from your account once we receive your request and media.

Send us any format except unprocessed film, and Crittersnaps will scan and upload your pictures. Formats can include CD, slide, photo print, negatives, even art work*.

*Sculpture tends to be difficult, at best, to scan. We don't recommend you send us original art, especially if it has a high monetary or sentimental value. Crittersnaps is not liable for damage to any media in transit, so please use your best judgment and purchase insurance where needed.

Please pack your media safely! Even a CD can break if not in a sturdy envelope. Insure the package if you feel it necessary. Be sure to enclose a self-addressed return envelope; we cannot return your media without it. If you do not live in the UK make sure the right international postage is on your return envelope. (Your post office can help you with this.)

Send your package to Crittersnaps at:

UK addressesUS addressesAustralia addresses

Media from all other countries should be sent to the nearest of these three.

We will have your cutie's picture scanned and online within 1 week of our receiving the material. We'll e-mail you to let you know when the photo is online.

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Meeting Crittersnaps community members

To meet other like-minded community members, be sure to select "Would Like To Meet" when filling out your cutie's details. (If you wish to remain anonymous, leave the checkbox blank and you will not be contacted.)

Cat Snaps!

If someone is interested in meeting you and your cutie, you will receive an email request from Crittersnaps. When you visit your account, community members who would like to meet your cutie will be listed as Pending-approved members.

If you wish to meet them, select Would Like To Meet on their profile and they will receive a response email from Crittersnaps. Your contact details will then be visible to each other. Once you approve a meeting, that Crittersnaps member's contact info will be listed under Approved members in your account.

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Contact Us

Questions? Comments? Statements of Joy or Pain? Send us an email!

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